Thursday, October 29, 2009

Why we all suffer...

So I thought I'd share my opinion on why it seems everyone gets hurt in relationships.....I started writing this and thought "maybe I've written this before," but if not, now you don't have to scroll down!

* WARNING * Coarse language used (just in case there are younger readers or some bullshit. um..oops) here is my theory: Assholes ruin it for everyone. Follow me on this assumption. Let's take two people. A is a really nice girl. Young, sweet, naive, and has a good head on her shoulders. B is a nice guy. Really wants to find a nice girl.

So subject A, who I shall now refer to as "nice girl" to make this easier to read, is always attracted to boys who are a "challenge." The boy she can't have. The boy who treats her like shit. The asshole. The nice girl gets her heart broke. Nice girl eventually becomes " a bitch" or a girl who is scared of commitment and runs oh so far away.

Subject B, nice guy, is always attracted to girls who appear to be nice girls but are either a bitch or "runny girl". Over time, after getting dumped on numerous times, subject b, nice guy, becomes a, you guessed it, asshole.

So assholes ruin it for everyone!

How much fun is this for everyone???


But you can call me Miss... said...

Pretty much just described my whole life :)

Saadi said...

Depressing post...but nvrtheless a good one!!!

Katie said...

Well said. This is exactly why when two people who are completely right (mentally, emotionally) for each other it's so amazing.

I've made the assumption that I'll never find that, so that way I don't live a life of regret and sadness.

BUT it's still absolutely annoying nevertheless.

Chin up, buttercup.

Saadi said...


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Anonymous said...

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